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Boxxie Mobile app

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Boxxie is the premier way to share playlists
across music platforms.

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music sharing app

Cross-platform functionality

Syncs with Apple Music and Spotify.
Pandora and Amazon Music coming soon.

Built-in music player

stream your favorite music without leaving the app

Follow or be followed

share with friends or share publicly

Create playlists within the app


Boxxie music sharing app

Discover new music

Share the music you love across platforms

Got questions?

How does Boxxie work?

Boxxie connects to either Apple Music or Spotify as a music source. It allows you to import your playlists from either source into Boxxie so that you can share them – in a limited fashion or with the world. It also allows you to search for and follow other Boxxie users who have shared their music.

Can I transfer playlists between Apple Music and Spotify?

Yes! Simply select My Library > Imports to select playlists to import from your current music source. Then select Profile > Edit Source and select the music source you wish to send the playlists to. Lastly, select My Library > Exports to export playlists to new music sources.

My playlists aren't showing up!

Changes to your music library happen over the cloud and may not be immediately reflected on your device. Please wait some time if they don’t immediately appear.

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